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Master of Divinity (M. Div.)
Petra Theological Seminary Master Degree by Research - Thesis Requirements
For complete Course Descriptions, please reference our PTS Student Handbook and Catalog.

Description: To achieve working in the Master's by thesis program the student must first go through the typical application process and have a bachelor's degree. This is a self paced / self study research based degree. Upon acceptance the following conditions are required: (Chicago Essay Format required.)
  • Initial meeting or conference.
  • Submit by email your proposed thesis statement for approval to: This must be formally approved prior to beginning the paper. Meeting or conference required.
  • Read minimum of 25 Books and forward separate list of read books in final submission.
  • Paper must have (14) references utilizing all (14) to support paper.
  • Minimum word count - 45,000 words / minimum of 150 pages
  • Paper must be in Chicago essay format and of publishable quality.


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