Student Application for Enrollment




1. All students enrolling in Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., are required to subscribe to, and practice, a Biblical Christian lifestyle. No person will be refused enrollment with Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., on the basis of sex, race or ethnic background. Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason or condition incompatible with the standards, principles or purpose of the school (or if the study should be deemed impractical for the applicant.)

Applicants must have a High School Diploma, G.E.D. or demonstrated equivalency, be a minimum of 18 years of age, as a prerequisite to PTS enrollment.

Please fax of email a scanned copy of your transcripts and/or degree(s) to:
Fax: (352) 735-1084
Please put your name in the "Subject Line" of the email.


1. Are you a born again Christian?

2. Do you understand that Petra Theological Seminary, Inc.'s courses/certificates and or degree(s) are church/biblically related and as such are not recognized by the United States Department of Education?

3. Have you read Petra Theological Seminary, Inc.'s accredidation status? Do you agree with this?

4. Upon approval of your application, do you understand that a student financial agreement must be completed, signed and returned before any classes may begin? Further do you understand that no grades, no certificates or ministry related degrees will be issued until all the financial terms/agreements are met? Do you agree with this?

5. Do you understand that Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. makes no guarantees on job/position placement?

6. Will you accept grading and judgment of Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. faculty in evaluating the quality of all work done through Petra Theological Seminary, Inc.

7. Do you understand and agree that plagiarism and or cheating, profanity, spamming may result in immediate dismissal from Petra Theological Seminary, Inc.?

8. Do you understand the credit/values of Petra Theological Seminary, Inc.'s Courses are determined by the admitting authorities of the institution you may transfer to?

9. In enrolling you understand that Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. reserves the right to modify or change curriculum, admission standards, course content, degree requirements, regulations, scholarship programs, and tuition and fees at any time without prior notice. Do you agree with this?

10. Student understands programs offered at Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. are self paced/self study with fees based on timeframes noted in the student handbook.

11. Student understands requirements to attend Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. include having: ability to meet financial requirements, computer access, email, and ability to obtain textbooks.

12. Student must read and agree with the Student Handbook located online. Have you read the Student Handbook? Do you agree?

13. Tuition fee(s)/refunds if awarded at Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. are not transferrable. Do you agree with this?

14. Student understands that any blogging on the website must be biblically based. No profanity, pornography, bullying, personal attacks or behaviors that are not Christ-like will be permitted and may result in dismissal. Do you agree?

15. Student must refer to the Handbook to determine the required books for their first class relative the Handbook. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the required books prior to starting the first class. I understand this and have located this information in the Student Manual.


1. By enrolling Applicant must review and agree with Financial Agreement in Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., Student Handbook.

2. Have you read Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., Student Handbook?

3. Do you agree with Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., Student Handbook and all noted conditions therein?

Disclaimer and Release of Liability Statement

By submission of this application for enrollment you agree with this liability statement concerning Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. Applicant fully understands that a typed name anywhere on this application represents your signature. You assume all risk and responsibilities for: choosing to apply, for attending, quality and competency of Petra Theological Seminary, Inc. Additionally, you further release Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., its entire staff, Officers, Board of Directors, President, from any and all liabilities, claims or actions associated with your decision to apply or attend Petra Theological Seminary, Inc.

Electronic Signature


Once you have completed this online application, and BEFORE you hit the "Submit" button, please highlight, copy and paste the contents of your enrollment application into a MICROSOFT WORD Document. Your application should display with your answers intact. Once you have done this, print a copy and copmlete with your original signature at the bottom.

Return to: Petra Theological Seminary, Inc., 21951 US Highway 441, Mount Dora, Florida 32757.